Everyone Can Make A Difference, Against Climate Change!

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Accelerated Crowdsourced Actions Taking On Climate Change!!

Examples of Projects


Invent and commercialize new ways to create, store and transfer electrical energy


Find new ways to manufacture goods and reduce the green premium

Business Models

Design and implement new business models or entities to help the environment

Social Impact

Create focused, social engineered movements to support the planet

Carbon Capture

Invent materials to passively absorb and catalyze carbon from the air


Devise new ways to protect, monitor and improve coral reefs, rainforest and permafrost tundra

Much, Much More...

So many more ways to utilize innovation to fight Climate Change...

Access To Climate Tech Tools

Gain access to tools and resources to make your positive impact

Supportive Community

Engage with a safe, likeminded community of change makers

Weekly Eco Challenges

Earn prizes and share your success for completing eco-friendly challenges

What Does A Membership Includes?

A. Access to weekly eco-challenges 

B. Access to the main Green Feed

A. Access to weekly eco-challenges with prizes 

B. Access to forums, discussions and feeds

C. One tree planted on your behalf

A. Access to weekly eco-challenges with prizes 

B. Access to forums, discussions and feeds

C. Three trees planted on your behalf

D. Access to Premium content, including courses and lessons 

E. Advanced tools to go green

Climate Related Startups Waitlist

Why A Climate Innovation Network?

As a species we do not have the necessary technology, collective actions and economies to fight Climate Change and achieve net zero emissions by 2050! We must band together as a network and make the changes necessary to creating a future we want to live in. 

Frequently Asked Questions

We plan to beta launch in early April 2023 and officially launch within 8 weeks after our beta launch.

Periodicity check this website for updates. 

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