About Forevergreen Tech

Forevergreen Tech, LLC is a climate technology startup based out of Colorado Springs, CO USA. Focused on building technology to both prevent and respond to a rapidly changing world full of extreme weather and uncertainty. Specializing in crowdsourced software, innovative hard tech and educational practices. 

Our Team

Ethan Thompson - CEO

Ethan the co-founder & CEO of Forevergreen Tech is a self-taught techie, a current UCCS student and has experience resulting from internships, young professionals’ programs and accelerators. 

Louis Avioli - COO

Louis the co-founder & COO of Forevergreen Tech. He is a recent engineering graduate of UCCS and has experience at both startups and as an engineer for large companies.

Our Mission & Vision


Our mission is to both develop and profit from democratized tech, allowing anyone regardless of lifestyle, income or education to tackle Climate Change.


The vision in which we pursue is a world where everyone has equitable access to the tools, knowledge and people to make their dent in the climate crisis.

Our Values


Viewing all challenges and opportunities with a lens of innovative curiosity and creativity.


Purposely creating well intentioned disruption to generate dynamic and innovative solutions.


Taking a diversified and collaborative angle of understanding and solving problems from community.


Taking a proactive action over awareness approach to solve any and all challenges.

Our Story

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