About Forevergreen Tech

Forevergreen Tech, LLC is a climate technology startup based out of Colorado Springs, USA. Committed to building technology to both prevent and respond to a rapidly changing world full of extreme weather and uncertainty. Specializing in crowdsourced solutions, innovative social movements and asymmetric innovation platforms. 

Our Team

Ethan Thompson - CEO

Ethan the founder & CEO of Forevergreen Tech is a self-taught techie, a college student and autodidactic. He is passionate about leveraging technology to fight climate change with crowdsourced action and social movements.  

Student Interns

We regularly have both UCCS undergraduate and MBA students work with us.

Our Mission & Vision


Our mission is to both develop and profit from democratized climate tech, allowing anyone regardless of lifestyle, income or education to tackle Climate Change


The vision in which we pursue is a world where everyone has equitable access to the tools, knowledge and people to make their dent in the climate crisis

Our Values


Viewing all challenges and opportunities with a lens of innovative curiosity and creativity


Purposely creating well intentioned disruption to generate dynamic and innovative solutions


Taking a diversified and collaborative angle of understanding and solving problems with community


Taking a proactive action over awareness approach to solve any and all challenges

Our Story

Our story begins in July 2021 when the founder, Ethan Thompson, experienced angst around severe weather, fires and heatwaves stemming from Climate Change and after taking an Environmental Science class in college, he was even more perturbed.  Ethan was concerned, and soon found that many of his friend, family and coworkers were concerned too, but did not know what to do or how. 

Ethan also noticed that we did not have the technology or economies to drop 51 Billion Tons of Greenhouse gas emissions in under 30 years. So he went on to build a startup company, a team and product to help people who were concerned take action in a fun and meaningful way and build the tech and economies needed.

After many twists and turns along the entrepreneurial road, Ethan pivoted into a open innovation platform approach! This would allow for the planet, the human species and businesses to benefit from rapidly sourced climate technology.